How can I make sure insurance companies make the profits they so richly deserve when I seek medical care?

Answer Just make sure that you have to get lots of referrals. Make sure that you have lots of different ailments, so that you have to go to your Primary Care Provider every time you need a referral for a... Read More »

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Should doctors or insurance companies make medical decisions?

On One Hand: Doctors Should Make Medical DecisionsOnly qualified doctors should make medical decisions for their patients. They are more likely to have the best interests of patients in mind, not t... Read More »

How do you bill medical insurance companies on medical supplies?

Can insurance companies make you quit smoking?

The Constitution guarantees individual liberty that extends to all legal activities, regardless of their potential detriment. For this reason, it is not possible for any United States citizen to be... Read More »

Can insurance companies deduct medical bills from settlements?

According to, if an insurance company has paid medical bills on your behalf and you receive a personal injury settlement, the insurance company has a right to deduct or ... Read More »