How can I make sure I don't get sick during the school year?

Answer It sounds as if you are doing everything right. Once you have a cold, you cannot get that same cold bug again. As you get older, you will find you get less and less colds. This comes in handy ... Read More »

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Im 13 and i dont wear make -up to school?

i dont think wearing makeup is going to make you center of attention? i started wearing makeup around this age, but just mascara, a little bit of foundation and clear lip gloss.....thats all someon... Read More »

What can i bring someone whos sick i dont have time too cook soup?

fruit, crackers, (jello like the other person said:) ) and if you have time maybe some toast? tea is always good too. also icecream sometimes feels good on a sore throat:P and there are some soups... Read More »

Does everybody vomit during pregnancy I am currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and I feel tired and not I dont like any food at all and smells are making me sick. I havent been vomiting. Pls help?

Early pregnancy can induce a variety of symptoms including but not limited toabsence of a periodimplantation bleedingvaginal dischargelethargydizzinesspain in the base of the skull mild abdominal d... Read More »

Would the Dr from the doctors back up Alissa Milano dont touch your eyes mouth nose if your sick with false information like a zit would Dr Phil tell him he was dillusional and try to force depakote?