How can I make satellite TV work better in the rain?

Answer Yes, there are two things:1. Create a rain shield2. Contact a local satellite satellite installer to come out and peak the alignment of your dish. He can also tighten the mounting of the dish to re... Read More »

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Do you need a satellite dish for satellite speakers to work?

No... satellite speakers refer to the rear speakers in a surround sound doesn't really have any thing to do with a satellite dish which is used to receive TV transmission....

How Does Rain X Work?

Markers are easy for art students to manipulate and may be used in place of paints for several art projects. Even dried-out markers may be dipped into water and used to create a masterpiece of your... Read More »

How does a rain drain work?

A rain drain prevents water from accumulating around the foundation walls of a building. Because a rain drain is designed to carry water away from a building, it helps deter water from leaking into... Read More »

Do rain-x latitude wipers work?

On One Hand: Rain-X Latitudes Above Average Wiper BladesRain-X Latitudes are wiper blades marketed by Rain-X as bracketless wiper blades. According to the Rain-X website, being bracketless enables ... Read More »