How can I make satellite TV work better in the rain?

Answer Yes, there are two things:1. Create a rain shield2. Contact a local satellite satellite installer to come out and peak the alignment of your dish. He can also tighten the mounting of the dish to re... Read More »

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How to Make Your Satellite Receiver Get a Better Picture?

Improving the signal path from your dish to your receiver will improve the picture quality of your picture. If you have properly pointed your dish and are receiving the best possible signal strengt... Read More »

Do you need a satellite dish for satellite speakers to work?

No... satellite speakers refer to the rear speakers in a surround sound doesn't really have any thing to do with a satellite dish which is used to receive TV transmission....

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How can I make my wiper blades work better?

When car owners think about performing regular maintenance on their car, typically they only consider the obvious. For instance, most people change their oil, have their engine serviced and check ... Read More »