How can I make myself more alert in early morning?

Answer Hello there, First, go to bed early the night before. I wouldn't recommend any coffee or energy drinks in the morning- they will make you more nervous and anxious-good recipe to fail. have a bite t... Read More »

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How can I actually MAKE myself get up early in the morning?

Have something to look forward to. If it helps make a list of things you need to do the next day on a post-it before going to bed, that way you will know what you have to do when you wake up.Get be... Read More »

What is a good "brain food" for the morning that will also wake me up make me more alert?

Stick with something whole grain or protien. Like scrambled eggs or a whole grain english muffin. These foods do not spike your blood sugar for a crash later. This morning I had weight control oatm... Read More »

How do I make myself more appealing?

I usually like to wear eye liner, just a little and black. I know that warm colors such as orange, and cream look good with brown hair. And the green eye shadow might look good against your blue ey... Read More »

How can I make myself more houseproud?

I'm the same as you, and i think our only answer is to stop sitting on the computer all day. I would always try to get my housework done but why bother when you can sit on here and answer questions... Read More »