How can I make my wiper blades work better?

Answer When car owners think about performing regular maintenance on their car, typically they only consider the obvious. For instance, most people change their oil, have their engine serviced and check ... Read More »

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The Best Car Wiper Blades?

Without car wiper blades, driving through the rain and snow would be a nearly impossible, not to mention incredibly dangerous, feat. The two main types of wiper blades are the standard, hinged vari... Read More »

About Wiper Blades?

Windshield wiper blades are one of the parts of a car that are essential to safe driving. Without them we wouldn't be able to see to drive in the rain or snow, and we'd have to get out every few mi... Read More »

DIY Wiper Blades?

Imagine you're driving down a freeway when it begins to rain suddenly. You turn on your wiper blades only to find out that your wipers only smudge the water around. This can be a serious situation ... Read More »

How to Fix Chattering Wiper Blades?

Few automotive problems are more annoying, or more preventable, than chattering wiper blades. Wiper blades chatter when, instead of sliding across the surface of the windshield smoothly and easily,... Read More »