How can I make my pie more appetizing so that my husband will want to eat it?

Answer What you need is a good recipe for steak and kidnay pie. Just replace the steak and kidney with a big schlong...ummm... I mean sausage and I bet he'll lap it up like there's no tomorrow. If he does... Read More »

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Why does baked chicken always come out so dry and chewy What can I do to make it more appetizing?

Try marinating the chicken before you cook it. I marinate mine for a full day.While it's baking, baste the chicken, too.

My husband invited over his boss and ceo for dinner. what can i make that will impress them?

The number one and most important thing, find out if your guests have any food allergies or if they are on any special diets or even if theres just certain foods that they dont eat. Keeping these r... Read More »

I'm 10 and I want to know if dyeing my hair black will make me look more mature im blonde so plz answer?

Haha, probably not. It'll probably make you look emo. If you wanna 'look' mature, do your homework and chores and go to bed early.

Your husband does not pay support and wants to sign over his parental rights and get divorced you want that too Can you do that in PA?

Answer All of that is covered in the new procedures of Washington State Divorce Court. Most Book store carry Do It Yourself Divorce Books that will have all the guidlines according to the state in... Read More »