How can I make my own poultry seasoning?

Answer Chicken and other poultry are very popular in a wide variety of dishes. A big part of their appeal is due to seasoning. Colonel Sanders, for example, became famous for his secret blend of 11 herbs ... Read More »

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Does poultry seasoning have meat in it?

Most poultry seasonings are completely vegetarian, although some include dried chicken stock. The key common ingredients in poultry seasoning are sage and thyme, plus other flavors such as rosemary... Read More »

What Herbs Are in Poultry Seasoning?

There are a variety of herbs used in poultry seasoning, all of which enhance and bring out the flavor of poultry without overpowering it. Poultry seasoning may also be customized to suit your parti... Read More »

How to Make a Poultry Feeder for Outside?

Poultry need a safe source of dry food. Poultry feeders function on the principle of gravity and have a few components in common. Feed must be kept dry, particles of feed must flow freely and the f... Read More »

How to Make a Water Dish for Your Pet Ducks and Other Poultry?

An ideal way to prepare a water dish for pet ducks or any other poultry is to recycle old rubber car tires. Those tires which cannot be retreaded or used again will make ideal water dishes. A cost ... Read More »