How can I make my own meal-replacement shakes?

Answer Experts recommend eating five to six small meals per day to keep your metabolism level high. Meal-replacement shakes and smoothies are useful if you have difficulty squeezing in those two or three ... Read More »

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What is Medifast meal replacement?

The Medifast weight loss program offers low calorie, packaged meal replacement solutions that contain a balanced amount of carbohydrates and protein to decrease possible muscle loss.TypesMedifast o... Read More »

Where can I buy total soy meal replacement in Toronto?

I've never tried it or even heard of it, but you can probably find it at Whole Foods or the CarrotI wouldn't advise replacing a meal with a soy product though...

What is the definination of a home meal replacement?

Home meal replacement 
foods are prepared in a store, carried out, and consumed at home. They require little or no preparation on the part of the consumer.Typical MealsCompanies geared to satisfy... Read More »

Help! Is there a vegan meal replacement WITHOUT protein?

I doubt you could, seeing as there is almost no food on this entire planet that is without protein. I know of none since it is a very misconception that more protein always = better. Sorry I can'... Read More »