How can I make my neck longer?

Answer If you shaved your head and put some pantyhose over your face, you could pass for a huge dildo.

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How to Make a Neck Appear Shorter or Longer?

The length of your neck plays a large role in your overall appearance. A short neck can make shoulders look broad and your stature appear short, while a long neck can make a tall person seem long a... Read More »

How to get longer hair when it's at your neck ?

Keeping your ends trimmed is really important so that your hair stays healthy. Also try not to use damaging tools on your hair like a straightner, curling iron etc. I also heard that flipping your ... Read More »

What is it when you have knots behind your right ear and another on your neck and they cause headaches and been there for longer than 6 months?

Answer "what is it?" It's time to go to the doctor. While "knots" would seem to imply a subcutaneous origin, it's impossible to tell without direct examination. It could well be of a lymphatic or i... Read More »

Could it possibly be meningitis if an 8 year old girl has a sore neck but can make her neck touch her chest though says it's sore to do so and does have energy unlike question about 6 yr old?

Answer It would be impossible for anyone to make an accurate diagnosis through the Internet, so you should take your child to the doctor. Even if it turns out to be something as simple as sleeping ... Read More »