How can I make my nails longer and stronger?

Answer Make sure you're eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water, and rub almond oil into your nails. There aren't too many homemade remedies, but doing those steps should help. If you don't hav... Read More »

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How to Grow Longer Stronger Nails?

Stop your nails from repeatedly chipping or breaking with a variety of ways to grow longer stronger fingernails. Consider these nail care suggestions that will improve their health and appearance i... Read More »

Any tips on how to get your nails to grow longer and stronger?

Try this method. FIrst get a clean manicure, at a salon or do it yourself. Making sure all the rough edges are smooth, buffed and clean.Then purchase a bunch of small nail files and some small bot... Read More »

How can I make my nails stronger?

The basis of hair and nail structure depends on "silica", a lack of which makes hair weak and dull, and nails brittle and thin. Recommend you go to a pharmacist or health food outlet, seek out sili... Read More »

How Can I Make My Hair Stronger& Longer?

Get a trim.Lay off the heat and hair dye and other chemical processes.Take biotin and eat fruits and vegetables.Do not take prenatal vitamins unless you are actually pregnant. You can overdose on v... Read More »