How can I make my leftover white rice soft and fluffy again?

Answer This works for all types of rice: Add 1-2 tablespoons of water (preferably hot) to the container (if microwaveable). Cover, making sure you leave a small vent for steam to escape, and microwave f... Read More »

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How to make vegetable fried rice using leftover brown rice?

It depends on how classy you want to go, but the first thing to do is to get the leftover rice out to come up to room temperature.Prepare all of your veggies and arrange them in order to cook those... Read More »

How to Make Easy Fried Rice Using Leftover Rice?

Fried rice can be an easy and delicious meal that can be made from leftover rice, but not everyone knows how to make it.This recipe is a basic outline of how to make a really easy version of fried ... Read More »

How to Make a Rice Paratha from Leftover Rice?

There you are again. You have cooked too much rice and do not know what to do with it. But wait-there is a way to use it in a proper way!

How to Make Breakfast out of Leftover Rice?

Some rice pudding!Oh no. You're stuck with the night before last's leftover rice! Here is how to make a tasty breakfast from it.