How can I make my laundry hamper smell better I just opened it and nearly vomited from the smell?

Answer I would spray Fabreeze deoderizer in it each time u empy it to do wash...and dont let wash pile up or put wet things in hamper..drape wet towels to dry first

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How to Make Laundry Smell Better?

Laundry is sometimes difficult to deodorize. Even when you use your regular detergent, you may notice that strong odors such as perspiration are still present. Sometimes the odor may not be noticea... Read More »

How to Make Laundry Smell Good?

Clothing that retains an unpleasant odor after washing can be uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear. When laundry is overloaded, washed in a dirty machine or not washed in high-quality detergent, ... Read More »

Which laundry detergent to use to make clothes smell even more better?

i actually use and LOVE GAIN, any scent is fantastic... and it stays a long time i wash some fabric softener too... try Downy lavender and vanilla. and then pop your clothes in the dryer with the s... Read More »

How do I make my clean laundry smell nice naturally/organically ?

Add a few drops of lavender oil to your dryer sheet or a handkerchief and put it in with your sheets or clothing when you dry it for a relaxing pleasant scent without artificial fragrance that coul... Read More »