How can I make my eyes look smaller?

Answer I call jealous. I bet your eyes are gorgeous and she wishes she had them. Her brother obviously thinks you're beautiful and maybe that makes her uncomfortable. I have huge green eyes and while one ... Read More »

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How to make really big eyes appear smaller?

Line your waterline with a black eye pencil, and line your upper lashline and draw a wing. Try to use matte makeup instead of shimmer and stick to darker colours too! Cheers, xo

How do I make my eyes look smaller?

Why does the eyes become smaller when you wear glasses?

This happens when you wear a concave lens for curing short sight. If you wear convex lens in case of long sight, then eyes would look bigger than the original. Both are so dominant if the power is ... Read More »

"Emo" Style makeup for smaller eyes?

Check out this make up tutorial on youtube- try using white/ silver/ light eye liner or eye shadows in the inner corner of your eyes. It will open up ... Read More »