How can I make my dream home blueprints?

Answer To build any home, especially your dream home, you'll need blueprints to give the contractor and construction workers a guide to design your home from. A professional can be hired to create origina... Read More »

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What do i do if my new home blueprints from the city do not match my actual home?

How do you replace your lost blueprints for your existing home?

Answer Depending on what city you live in, if you had to submit any part of your plans to the city contact them ( the building dept). or try contacting the architect that drew up the plans, someti... Read More »

How to Make Blueprints?

This article assumes that you have your drawings ready, such as a print of a CAD drawing, or a drawing that was drawn by hand using manual drafting tools before CAD come to town and took over.

What is your dream home like?

My dream home is a 75 million dollar home called Portabello (living in it would be like heaven, I wish I was living there). It's a home in Orange County, California on the coastline. The most amazi... Read More »