How can I make my cookies turn out crisper?

Answer You poor thing -- you've been getting terrible advide.To make them crispier, increase the ratio of butter/oil/margarine (whatever) to the amount of eggs. Meaning, more butter, less eggs. Burning c... Read More »

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How do I set my refrigerator crisper?

A crisper drawer in the refrigerator helps keep fruit and vegetables fresh by controlling temperature and increasing humidity to the drawer. Some refrigerators have separate settings that allow the... Read More »

How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Like Mrs Fields Cookies?

Once upon a time there lived a Mrs Fields. Who exactly she was, and where she came from, nobody knows. The only thing that is known about her, is that she knew how to bake delicious cookies. And th... Read More »

How Do I Turn Cookies& Javascript Off?

SafariClick "Safari" in the menu. Click "Preferences." Go to the "Security" tab. Change "Accept Cookies" to "Never." In the same window, uncheck "Enable Javascript."FirefoxClick "Tools." Click "Opt... Read More »

How to Turn Off Rejecting Cookies on a Browser Bar?

You visit a website, type in your login name and password to get in, and close the browser when you finish. A few hours later, you visit the website again, and type in your login name and password.... Read More »