How can I make my computer faster with dial up?

Answer According to Business Insider, 10 percent of U.S. homes still connect to the Internet through a dial-up connection because residents cannot afford or do not have a broadband option. Some just do no... Read More »

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How do i make net zero dial up faster?

Upgrade Your ServiceUpgrade to NetZero's accelerated service. It costs $5 extra per month, but can give you speed up to five times faster than with basic service.Change Your Modem SettingsRight-cli... Read More »

How do I make my dial-up Internet faster?

ImprovementsPurchase the newest dial-up modem, which is 56k; using the fastest modem is better than using a slower modem. Delete files and programs on your computer to make sure you have at least a... Read More »

If i put two dial up modems in my comp and dial up with two different phone lines will it be faster or?

It depends on your ISP. Around here, before broadband become relatively common, some ISPs would (for an extra charge, as I recall), allow you to set up two modems and dial in on both at the same t... Read More »

Will a router make your Internet faster than dial-up?

Routers are used to connect computer networks, including Internet connections. However, they are not a source of Internet connectivity, and therefore they have no practical effect on the speed of a... Read More »