How can I make my computer fast?

Answer Computers have the ability to process and transfer information at amazingly high speeds. The speed of your computer depends on how much free disk space it has, how files are organized, and the spee... Read More »

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Fast computer went slow, how can i make it fast again?

you might have some sort of spyware or a virus. try running anti-spyware programs and im sure you will find a lotta stuff. What I would do is back everything on a dvd or a ext hard drive and format... Read More »

How to make this slow computer be a fast computer?

You definitely need to add more RAM. Look at for some information as to what your computer needs.

How to Make My Computer Lightning Fast?

You want your computer to be lightning fast. You could then launch programs quickly, open files and folders within a second and browse the Internet at high speed. Unfortunately, there is no one sec... Read More »

How to Make a Computer Fast for Free?

Malware, unused files or programs and unnecessary startup programs can cause significant computer slowdowns that can be very frustrating. While upgrading your computer with more RAM or a better pro... Read More »