How can I make my broken toe feel better?

Answer See a doctor !! Put some ice on it or dip it in icewater or something. To make the swelling go down.

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What does a broken bone feel like?

When I broke my leg it literally felt like it was on fire and I couldn't even move my ankle because it was so swollen

What do broken ribs feel like?

ha some people dont kno when they actually brake there ribs so ya they r probably broken. sry u gotta get them fixed

What does a broken foot feel like?

These are the signs and symptoms of a broken foot: Inability to walk, swelling/sprain, throbbing pain, bruising, etc.

Broken ankle surgery, when does it finally feel better?

I broke my ankle and had to have my bones relocated and fixed toegther. But i was to young (about 15) so they wouldnt put screws in as my bones were still growing. but they did put some sort of wir... Read More »