How can I make my Youtube channel popular?

Answer Tell your friends to subsribe to your video and rate it, or make better videos...

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My friend and I have just created a Youtube channel, how can I make it more popular?

First start with a nice channel.Make it clean, don't put too much into it. Just be simple -- Your name and what your videos are about.If you're like one of those people who make comedic videos, mak... Read More »

How do I make my account really popular on youtube?

If you are a part of any website just post your link...What is your youtube page?

I want to make a youtube account about popular music?

its copyright infringementcopyright literally means the right to copy. That's the record label's right, not oursYou can't just copy the music and say "the music is copyright to (Record label here)"... Read More »

Should I make a new youtube channel for...?

do you think theres a demand for it if there is go for it if u do you could have pop ups in the end of vids advertising the name of new account