How can I make more space on my hard drive without deleting anything?

Answer Go start -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk CleanupIt will perform a scan which may take a while...Here are a few things you can delete safely and I really don't think you will miss:Downloaded ... Read More »

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Is there any way of adding more space onto your iPod without deleting anything (Day30)?

There used to be an app called "Shrinkmytunes" that would reduce the bitrate of your song files to make more room, but now it's "mysteriously" unavailable. It sacrificed quality anyway. It sucks ma... Read More »

How do I get more free space on my hard drive?

take off all the items never used but kept in case you need them.also put some rarly used files on cd's/dvd's as data.check the library on "media " players you may have items stored there .which ar... Read More »

Can I download more hard drive space to my computer?

no you can harddrive is a hardware no a software but is really cheap to buy the best way to do it is just go to wallmart or best buy and get a usb... any other questions just hit me up ^^

Is 160GB more or less than 6.5 GB of hard drive space?

1st grade math helps you answer this; which is larger 160 or 6.5?