How can I make lip colors show on my lips?

Answer Well, it is sort of like hair dye, if you want brigt colours then you gotta bleach your hair. If you use some layers of white and then whatever colour on top, this doesn't work for everyone, but it... Read More »

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Do light colors or dark colors show wall imperfections?

Choose a wall color in a darker shade. A dark color conceals irregularities much better than a light color since it absorbs more light. Also, avoid anything with a sheen or gloss, and use a flat or... Read More »

Does the soft lips chap stick make your lips softer?

i have used it! soft lips is GREAT! it does make your lips super soft. only downside is when you stop using it your lips arent as soft. my favorite chapsticks are the ones that are medicated. they ... Read More »

How to Show Radiating Colors?

You want to do a science experiment, but don't have a lot of 'scientific' stuff at home. This is something easy, and cheap, that you can do!

Make-up Tips to Make Eyes and Lips Look Fuller?

Not everyone is blessed with big eyes and full lips, so when preparing for a date or a night out with the girls it is necessary to use some makeup tricks to enhance your look. Looking your best onl... Read More »