How to Get Your Friend to Leave His Girlfriend?

Answer Does your friend have an annoying girlfriend that you think he should get rid of? Implement this plan...he'll be thanking you eventually.

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How to Get a Friend to Leave His Girlfriend?

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My girlfriend seems to think that if i leave my T.V on stand-buy it is using as much power as when it is on?

She is very right ..............estimate £ 25.00 per year!

Your girlfriend is 18 and her mom will not let her move out can she just take her things and leave her mom is crazy and abusive and still thinks that she can control every aspect of her life?

yeah she can move out without her moms permission once somebody turns 18 they're considered an adult.

Can your brother's ex girlfriend leave state with his 1st born child n 2nd unborn child if neither has sole custody?

Answer A mother is assumed to have custody. Your brother needs to immediately petition the court for his parental rights. Otherwise, she may leave the State and it will be difficult to get them ... Read More »