How can I make college more enjoyable?

Answer If you're really struggling despite your best efforts, it might not be your fault. It might just be that your major or the college you chose aren't right for you. I struggled a lot in my third year... Read More »

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Can anyone think of a way to make cleaning up enjoyable?

Cut it into un-intimidating chunks. Set yourself one task, such as cleaning off the kitchen worktops, and set a timer for 20 min. See how much you can get done before the bell rings--you'll be surp... Read More »

How can I make doing chores more enjoyable?

-There's music ....u can listen to ur fav bands while doin ur chores use ur mp3 or stereo (high volume) and dance.-Imagine urself talking to ur fav actor or character (i tend to speak to harry... Read More »

How to Make Walks Enjoyable?

Walking is an excellent form of exercise, but let's face it, sometimes it's not the most enjoyable. Here are some handy ways to make that 20-30 minutes of exercise less torture and more fun. The mo... Read More »

How to Make a Retirement Party Enjoyable and Fun?

Although leaving a familiar place of employment can be a bit scary, its also the beginning of a new life.When someone reaches retirement, it should be celebrated with friends and family. This signi... Read More »