How can I make college more enjoyable?

Answer If you're really struggling despite your best efforts, it might not be your fault. It might just be that your major or the college you chose aren't right for you. I struggled a lot in my third year... Read More »

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How can I make doing chores more enjoyable?

-There's music ....u can listen to ur fav bands while doin ur chores use ur mp3 or stereo (high volume) and dance.-Imagine urself talking to ur fav actor or character (i tend to speak to harry... Read More »

How to Make Drinking Water More Enjoyable?

Staying hydrated with water can keep you healthy and provide a natural, calorie-free beverage for dieters, athletes, and anyone trying to avoid sugary soft drinks and high-calorie drinks. If you ar... Read More »

How to Make a Train Commute More Enjoyable?

Long train rides can be very boring without things to keep you occupied. Here are a few tips and trick to keep you entertained while on your commute.

How to Make Your Life More Exciting and Enjoyable?

Feel like you're slipping into the same old routine every day? You're not alone. School and work tend to get everyone into that "Waiting for the end of the day only to start another boring one" moo... Read More »