How can I make bruising disapear quicker - I have a black eye!!! :-(?

Answer Take a fine tooth comb and run over the bruise lightly, the fine teeth of the comb will break up the blood vessels and it will disappear.

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Could you make a dent disapear on plastic?

Depends on the plastic, but if this dent was deep and the plastic real hard there is no chance that you got it back in his normal shape..

What suggestions do you have for a tooth that has been make the gum heal quicker?

hey gorgeous ....... i agree with the sea salt and warm water mouth rinse ...... avoid using table salt, iodised or uniodised salt as they've all been processed with chlorine and bleach and pulveri... Read More »

Massages , is it normal to have pain and bruising afterwards ?

- hope you not getting bruised after a massage with a happy ending, that wouldn't be goodIf its a normal massage, tell the chiro/masseuse t o no go so hard..

Can I have a broken/fractured foot without swelling or bruising?