How can I make a video on youtube with pictures and music playing behind it thanks for the answers!?

Answer ya its simple , but u cant make it in you tube , first u should make your own video then upload it in youtubeu can make it with WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER if u r using windows xp . IT works 100%, I have d... Read More »

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How to Make a Video With Pictures & Music on YouTube?

Often when browsing the videos found on YouTube, you are going to see movies that are nothing more than slideshow pictures placed to music. In order to create such a video, you only need a standard... Read More »

How to Make a YouTube Music Video With Pictures?

are you bored? do you have a youtube account? do you have a song on your mind? do you have a camera and a laptop or computer?? if you answered yes read on...

Youtube video cuts off where I stop the using the music playing on AudioSwap?

This is why you edit the video before you post on youtube. youtube isn't meant to be a video editor. They just add crap so people stop complaining about copyright and stuff. Use windows movie maker... Read More »

What music is playing in the Auschwitz YouTube Video with URL ending ZLs1mOJMRPo?