How can I make a sunburn go away within just a couple days?

Answer Put aloe on it. Buy the medicated aloe from the pharmacy and store it in the fridge for extra relief.

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I have this horrible sunburn that hurts really bad, what can I do to reduce the pain, or just make it go away?

put on aloe vera gel, it is natural and it helps to fade it and reduce the pain. Although it isn't immediate, it works adventually.

Do these usbs last long or break within couple of days?

It's hard to say if they will last or not,but I would be a quality stick myself if you're wondering.They may last or they may not.Since they are cheap it wouldn't hurt to give one a try I guess.I p... Read More »

Why has my newborn babys hair fallen out on top completely within two days and his scalp is peeling like a sunburn?

It must be cradle cap which is normal in newborn baby? If he is otherwise normal, crying well and feeding there is no need to worry.

What would cause a 10-year-old to have sharp needle-type pains all over the back for the last 2 years or so and lasting a couple of days before going away for a few days or weeks and then returning?

You are describing nerve pain, he needs to see a Neurologist ASAP!