How can I make a server to be used with Java?

Answer For general data collection (like loading inital values and constants) consider using a database if youre using java... Note that most places you will get an online database will want you to limit ... Read More »

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List of Databases Used With Java?

Java is a software development tool used to make Web, desktop and mobile applications. Databases are the central component for dynamic content, so Java supports connecting to the common database so... Read More »

How to Install Sun Java on the AIX Server?

IBM provides packages of the Oracle Java, formerly Sun Java, runtime environment and development kit for IBM AIX customers. The Java package is customized to run on AIX servers and workstations and... Read More »

Does the Java Virtual Machine Make Java More or Less Secure From a System Security Perspective?

The Java virtual machine is a computer simulated in software. When you run a Java program, your computer runs the virtual machine and the virtual machine runs the program. The design of the Java vi... Read More »

How do I Update an iMac 10.5 Leopard With Java 1.4 to Java 1.5?

The Apple iMac OS X 10.5 (Leopard edition) is one of the most advance operating systems Apple has (Snow Leopard being the most advanced, as of August 2010). Like other computer systems, Java is a n... Read More »