How can I make a gmail account without a phone number?

Answer You can skip that option, but try creating from different IP Address.

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How do I change my old phone number from my old gmail account to my new phone number in my new gmail account?

Have you tried Google's password recovery options? They should be able to get you back into your old account if you just forgot your password.

How Do you Make a YouTube Account without using a phone or someones else phone?

I will make you an acc, how can I contact you ? You have to tell me what name/last name you want or so...

Why when I try to create a new "gmail" account it converts to "googlemail" account.Why cant I just get Gmail?

dont worry anyways is going to be @gmail.com…

I have a new Gmail account. Can I receive e-mails that are sent to my previous gmail account on my new one?

Very simple :-1. Log into your old gmail account2. Go to mail settings ---- > POP & Forwarding3. Enter the address where you want to get the forwarded emails.Besides this , there are many ways you ... Read More »