How can I make a 6v external battery pack for Olympus E10 I'm thinking of using a UB645 6v 4.5 Ah battery connected to my external power jack.?

Answer Sounds like it's possible, but without more information on the specific camera battery and the UB645 battery, there's a chance things `might` go wrong.But if you're wondering if it can be done, yes... Read More »

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What is an external battery pack?

External battery packs are supplementary power sources for electronic devices. These battery packs are often rechargeable. External battery packs are also convenient in that they provide cordless c... Read More »

How to Build an External Battery Pack for Laptops?

Most laptops are powered by lithium-ion batteries, having replaced nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride because of their high output and lighter weight. Lithium-ion battery cells produce 3.6-vol... Read More »

If i leave external usb port connected to the PC while i'm not using it .. would it still consume power?

Nah, let's say the external hub is sucking up 10 watts, a very conservative number as it's probably a lot less. Let's say you pay 10 cents a kwh so that would mean you're paying .001 cents every ho... Read More »

DIY Laptop External Battery?

Factory-made replacement laptop batteries can cost more than a third of the price of a new laptop. The fierce competition and discount prices available on new laptops make it easy to understand why... Read More »