How can I make a 160GB PS3 play PS2 games?

Answer When the PlayStation 3 first launched in 2006, many people couldn't justify spending $599 on a video game system. Sure, it featured a Blu-ray player and allowed for superior gaming, but was it wort... Read More »

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Does a 160GB Playstation 3 play PS2 games?

An 160GB Playstation 3 will not play Playstation 2 games. The only PS3 systems that can play PS2 games are the 20GB and 60GB versions. Some 80GB PS3 systems are also partially backwards compatible.... Read More »

Can you play playstation 2 games on a playstation 3 160gb?

The 20 and 60 GB PlayStation 3 models include the complete PlayStation 2 Emotion Engine (EE) and can play PlayStation 2 games. As of March 2010, the production cost of including the EE in the lates... Read More »

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