How can I make Vegan leg of lamb?

Answer Fer fecks sake, Bats...use wheat gluten! It tastes just like meat, he'll never know the diff. Besides, you're fooling around with my bf, he's been eating tofu for years, I told him it was a low c... Read More »

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How to Substitute Lamb Shoulder Chops for Lamb Shanks?

In order to substitute lamb shoulder chops for lamb shanks, you have to cook the chops the same way you would cook the shanks. Lamb shank is a cut from the arm of the shoulder that contains leg bon... Read More »

How to Make a Toy Lamb?

This is a fun craft that you can do for a how-to day or just for fun. Here is how to make a toy lamb.

How to Make Lamb Biryani?

This lamb biryani is a very popular dish that is used as a main dish at parties and special occasions. It is generally served with raita and a drink.

How to Make a Lamb Cake?

Lamb cakes are an Easter tradition from Eastern European countries. They have been made for over one hundred years in many places, including in the USA, as the tradition was brought over by immigra... Read More »