How can I maintain a Stock Register in ms Access Databas3e?

Answer Let us say that your Table has two fields: • Stock Number of Item. • Quantity on Hand.You would not want to decrease that Quantity until it was actually sold and/or shipped. So you would ... Read More »

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How to Register, Transfer and Replace Lost Stock Certificates?

Investors have been buying, selling, exchanging and sometimes losing stock certificates for centuries. The New York Stock Exchange began in 1792 under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street where 27 loca... Read More »

How many remote access connections can Windows XP Professional maintain?

Windows XP Professional does not allow two separate users to be logged in concurrently. Therefore, XP's remote desktop application, which allows remote access to the computer, supports only one con... Read More »

How can I import stock quotes into MS Access?

Getting the data into MS-Access depends on the format of that data. If you have gotten it into MS-Excel successfully, then there should be no problem importing it into a Table within MS-Access.But... Read More »

What is the difference between sequential file access, random file access, and binary file access?

Sequential file access means file can be accessed in only sequence as your audio tape. u can listen songs in sequence, however u can Fast forward it, but again it in sequence one by one. Random Acc... Read More »