How can I lower my high blood pressure without drugs/medications?

Answer If you have a "high normal" pressure reading, you're in a great position to profit from the help that natural medicine can offer. By adopting the suggestions below, you'll probably be able to lower... Read More »

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How do i lower high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can usually be lowered with lifestyle changes:Quit smoking.Lose weight.Be physically active.Cut down on salt (sodium) intake.Cut down on alcohol intake.Increase potassium intake.

What causes high blood pressure and how do you lower it?

It's a good thing you're asking, because contrary to what you've always been told, salt is not a factor.Let's explain the salt first. The body has no storage facility for water. This is why we're s... Read More »

What is the best way to lower high blood pressure?

naturally stay off caffeine and saltbut I add the following to my dietbananas - we need added potassium to keep our electrolytes balancedcelery - I eat 4 stalks a day because one mans bp dropped 50... Read More »

How do you lower your high blood pressure without meds?

reduce your intake of salt (sodium chloride -common salt ) avoid heated debates, fights and practice yoga to calm you mind. Practice pranayamam ( breathng exercises)Incidentally yoga is not connec... Read More »