How can I look up old stocks online?

Answer Before the age of electronics, publicly traded companies provided investors with a physical certificate that said how many shares of the company they owned. Finding these certificates may mean find... Read More »

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How to Trade Stocks Online?

To some established day traders, buying and selling stock on the Internet is a cakewalk, but to others, trading stocks online is a total mystery. The emergence of online brokerage accounts and soft... Read More »

How do I buy foreign stocks online?

Determine what kind of a foreign stocks you want to purchase: ADRs (American Depository Receipts), foreign ETF (exchange traded funds) or direct foreign stocks. Find an online brokerage firm that a... Read More »

How do I buy stocks online for beginners?

Open a Brokerage AccountOpen a brokerage account at a deep discount brokerage firm. Deep discount firms allow an investor to buy and sell stocks online for the cheapest fees. These brokerage firms ... Read More »

Can you buy stocks without a broker online?

Yes, you can buy stocks online without having to set up an account through a broker. A number of investment firms offer such services. These services typically require you to invest a minimum amoun... Read More »