How can I lock a sheet in Excel?

Answer Since you did not specify a version, I will assume it to be MS-Excel 2003 or earlier.There are various ways to do this, but we will assume that you are wanting just the basic method: • From th... Read More »

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How do I lock a sheet in Excel 2007?

Without using VBA, all you can do is hide the sheet and protect the whole workbook. This is different from protecting just a sheet, since there is almost no indication that the sheet is there. Only... Read More »

How to Split Multi Sheet Workbook Excel Into Single Excel File using Excelsplitter?

Work with hundreds of sheets in one excel file,instead of copying and pasting every sheet in a new file one by one.

Excel,how do i key in a function to fixed staff off's day on my excel sheet?

If you have the dates, You can use the weekday function to determine what day it is. Next you create some fancy compound formula like=IF(OR(WEEKDAY(A1,2)=1,WEEKDAY(A1,2)=7…

Excel 2007: How to Import Data From One Excel Sheet to Another?

In computing terms, a "spreadsheet" is a type of large table that is used to display information. Microsoft Excel 2007 is just one of the many programs that is capable of creating and working with ... Read More »