How can I livestream Minecraft on youtube?

Answer Can't you stream the desktop using a Google+ Hangout? I do believe you can, and that would be the easiest way to livestream to YouTube since it's set up to work that way.

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Free ways to livestream minecraft ONTO YOUTUBE?

Unfortunately, no from what I know youtube will not allow 3rd party content on its website for users.Sorry!

We need a Minecraft YouTube channel name?

Thats very cool, I love minecraft, I play it all the time :), I'm not too good with names but if you are always playing together maybe make reference to that in the name like "The Crafty Duo" or so... Read More »

Good youtube channel name for minecraft?

Maybe " TheBreakableBedrock" "RestonePoweredTV" "UndespicableSteve" "TheEnderegg"Just random ideas I thought up of lol.

Please help me with my YouTube i need more subscribers and i do minecraft commentaries?

Try using proper grammar and getting more than 5 fps. Also use a better program like Fraps that doesn't put a big circle around your mouse and blink everytime you click. also get a better mic.