How can I know when I'm over the legal alcohol driving limit?

Answer these are basic rules of thumb: If you were sitting talking with friends and socializing, remember how many drinks you had that night. if its more than 1 drink per hour, forget it. call a cab. If ... Read More »

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In most states the legal limit for blood alcohol level for the driver of a car is?

Depending on the state, it can be as low as .05, or as high as .08 to .1

What is the National Speed Limit for driving in the Uk?

70 mph. Where I live they have started a trial of 20mph on every side street, 30 on the main roads and 50 on the motorway , in and out of the city

What is the age limit to be a driving instructor in cyprus?

Is there an automatic driving ban for doing 30 mph above the speeding limit?

No, you just get a speeding ticket. If you already have points on your license and this new ticket makes your point total exceed 12, then you're license will be taken away. Speeding at such an exce... Read More »