How can I know when I'm over the legal alcohol driving limit?

Answer these are basic rules of thumb: If you were sitting talking with friends and socializing, remember how many drinks you had that night. if its more than 1 drink per hour, forget it. call a cab. If ... Read More »

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In most states the legal limit for blood alcohol level for the driver of a car is?

Depending on the state, it can be as low as .05, or as high as .08 to .1

How many miles over the speed limit is reckless driving?

Reckless driving does not require that a person drives over the speed limit, nor is there a specific speed where an automatic reckless driving violation occurs. However, suggests tha... Read More »

Can you request a breathylyser test if you see a police officer and are unsure if you are over the legal limit?

If you are unsure I would say that they would not waste the time and or money to do this just to help up, instead they would likely arrest you for public intoxication.Good luck and drive safe.

When driving at 30mph (for example) and you approach a 40mph speed limit sign?

Your instructor should know precisely! When approaching a higher speed limit sign, (check mirrors - rear and offside), if no-one is about to overtake increase speed when you reach the new speed li... Read More »