How can I know if my life insurance policy is a good one?

Answer You want insurance policy from a company with a good credit rating. As far as policy itself, well the life incurance policy is to protect your dependants in case something happens to you. You don't... Read More »

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Where do I go to find the status of an old policy with long star life insurance company if I have the policy?

Is a VA life insurance policy taxable?

According to, the dividends received from Veterans' Administration life insurance programs are not taxable. The IRS also doesn't tax lump-sum death payments received by beneficiaries f... Read More »

How do I cash in my life insurance policy?

Maybe you need extra cash, or perhaps you've found a better deal on life insurance policies, but you have decided that you want to cash in your life insurance policy. However, insurance companies h... Read More »

How can I cash out a life insurance policy?

If you need extra income to pay medical expenses, college tuition or pay off your mortgage, cashing out your life insurance policy is an option. When cashing out a policy, consider how much you wil... Read More »