How can I kill Creeping Charlie?

Answer Creeping Charlie, or ground ivy, is an aromatic ground vine that reproduces by spreading runners. It grows quickly and is very tough, able to survive in many parts of the world and resistant to mow... Read More »

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How to Kill Creeping Charlie?

Creeping Charlie can quickly become a pesky and stubborn weed. The plant easily reproduces from its seeds and regrows from small cuttings causing rapid spreading. The vine can spread from 1 lawn or... Read More »

How would you kill a creeping Charlie?

Glechoma hederacea, more commonly known as "creeping Charlie" or "creeping Jenny" is a weed that grows in shady spots, usually under trees and shrubs. The weed can be identified by its fan shape an... Read More »

How do i kill creeping charlie in a flower bed without hurting perennials?

Dig It UpPull up all the creeping charlie in your flower bed while wearing gardening gloves. Pull as close to the soil as possible to get the roots out. If you miss any roots, dig them out with a g... Read More »

What percentage of triclopyr is needed to kill creeping charlie?

The percentage of triclopyr needed to be effective against creeping charlie depends on the product. If the product contains only triclopyr,a typical percentage of the chemical by weight is 61.6 per... Read More »