How can I keep people from deleting what I've written on WIKIPEDIA?

Answer That requires deep knowledge of psychology and game theory. The thing is, Wikipedia is an MMPORPG. The factual accuracy of your content is completely irrelevant. If you understand the psychology of... Read More »

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Why is somebody keep deleting my edits of wikipedia?

because he is stubborn and want it his way

Do people who have written articles in the past to Wikipedia get paid from this new "donation" scheme ?

You are right to be suspicious about this. Even the rather non-specific summaries given in the Wikimedia Foundation's ("WMF") publicly released financial statements manage to paint a disturbing pi... Read More »

Why do people keep deleting me on facebook?

Ever thought that people clean out friends that haven't had contact with for a very long time.Everyone has a clean out every so often. It's called good housekeeping!I mean come on, you say you have... Read More »

How to Keep My iPhone App From Deleting?

The iPhone can download software applications directly from the online App Store and install them on the home screen. You remove applications from the iPhone by deleting them from the home screen. ... Read More »