How can I keep my masculinity without drinking beer in college?

Answer Try different beers if you think it will help. You'll only really need beer for beer pong with your friends. Out at the bars and such; liquor is even sometimes preferred by the guys.

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Does adding lime or, "fruiting", your beer, detract from a man's overall masculinity?

This is a variation of the practice British sailors put in place to ward off scurvy. They kept a living lime tree on board to provide Vitamin C. The easiest way to distribute the lime was as a slic... Read More »

I drink beer but want to lose there a way....with out not drinking beer..,.?

CUT-BACK a lot, 10 beers a night will keep that beer belly. eat more fruits/veggies/whole grains. and exercise with your girlfriend.

Can i own beer when i am under the drinking age?

i can understand helping transport beer as in carrying a case of beer inside as a favour for youre parents or granparents , but " owning " beer while youre underage ? how do you " own beer " anyway... Read More »

Why do I throw up after drinking beer?

Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach. Your body's natural response is to throw up to try and get rid of the alcohol before it can damage the stomach any more. You should always have somethi... Read More »