How can I keep bananas from going bad quickly?

Answer This really works try it and see this is an old secret that i now pass on to you.. Put them in a brown paper bag roll the bag shut and place them in the fridge you will get at least an extra week... Read More »

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How to Ripen Bananas Quickly?

As bananas ripen, their starch content converts to sugar resulting in creamier, sweeter bananas that are easier for the body to digest. Often the bananas available for purchase at supermarkets are ... Read More »

How to Overripen Bananas Quickly?

You can quickly turn green bananas into overripe bananas, useful for making banana bread and other sweet treats as the ripening process converts starch into sugar and intensifies the flavor. By tra... Read More »

Do you like bananas D:?

Do u like bananas?