How can I increase the speed of my pc?

Answer 1. clean up yor HDD (hard disk drive). the fuller your HDD, the slower the programs installed on will work. Also, get more HDD space by buying a bigger HDD.2. Get more RAM (random access memory). ... Read More »

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If I increase RAM from 1GB to 2 GB, it will increase speed for mylaptop or no ?

If you increase you system RAM from 1GB to 2GB, it will increase the speed of your laptop. It does this by making available more RAM for your operating system to function within. It will also speed... Read More »

How to Increase the Download Speed for Netzero Hi-Speed?

Netzero provides a "high speed" option for dialup users. Netzero is an Internet service provider (ISP) that maintains affordable dialup options for users who do not have broadband capabilities in t... Read More »

How to increase speed of pentium 4 pc?

Well thats because your card is low rated,,,,,I can but it for 30.00,,,,seeing how you have pci-e,you should be running a card that is over a 7 series,,,,7950gt,,,,,Say your running a AMD 64 2400,,... Read More »

How to Increase USB Internet Speed?

A number of network carriers provide USB modems, which look like USB memory sticks. These modems let you access the Internet on the go. You can take your laptop along and stay connected no matter w... Read More »