How can I improve the picture quality of the TV tuner on my computer?

Answer You can try to adjust the levels some, but picture quality is based primarily on hardware and signal quality. I would reccomend that you either upgrade your TV tuner card or your monitor. To take... Read More »

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How do you improve high definition picture quality?

Number of waysBetter display screens that view itBetter cables if possible to cope with better quality not analog or otherChange settings to be higherNumber of ways however many other contributing ... Read More »

What lens is good to improve picture quality of Nikon D40?

Why would an S cable not improve picture quality on a television with DirecTV?

It's better! The S-video connection is not overrated. It's better than the coax connection and is better than the Yellow-Red-White RCA interface, so if that's what you're using now, you will see an... Read More »

Will component cables improve the picture quality on my 720p plasma?

Component cables are capable of carrying a high definition signal and will provide much better performance than composite or S-Video cables, which can only transmit standard definition signals. Ho... Read More »