How can I improve my chances of earning a full ride scholarship and what are my current chances of earning one?

Answer Depending on the college that you are wanting to get into, you would want to check out all the scholarships that are offered, go to the financial aid office and ask what is available. Most colleges... Read More »

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Can a full time employee be required to work while off the clock without earning wages?

Does Applying to a College for Early Decision Hurt the Chances of Getting a Scholarship?

For an incoming college student who has a dream school, early decision can be a beneficial admissions option. The student can find out whether his dream school accepted him in the fall of his senio... Read More »

If you have an admissions offer to an Academy will that affect your chances of receiving an ROTC scholarship?

Somewhat. You'd do some physical training, maybe learn some basic survival and other skills, such as land navigation. It should also add a pinch of military discipline.

How to Improve the Chances of IUI Success?

An intrauterine insemination procedure is a way of helping a woman's egg meet sperm. An IUI may be done to assist in some cases of infertility such as a cervical mucus problem (when cervical mucus... Read More »