How can I import DVD camcorder movies to computer?

Answer You get a video editing program like Final Cut Pro, then you hook a firewire up from your camera to your computer. When you are in FCP go up to file choose Log and Capture and then play the video. ... Read More »

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How do I import movies from my sony mini dv camcorder to windows vista Please help?

"I am connected using a firewire to usb."These don't work!!! You'll need to capture the video via firewire rather than USB - if your PC hasn't already got one you'll need to install a firewire car... Read More »

How can I watch my 8mm Camcorder movies on my computer?

There used to be commercial places that do that.

Video Camcorder Import Video Problem Cant import with usb cable?

You need to install the driver for your cam, if you go to your cam's website you will be able to download the driver from there for free. You will then be able to use your cam with the USB cable th... Read More »

What is the best software to import video from a camcorder?

The video editing process: just take your pick1st Part: transfer video files from vcam to computeri.e., using a program to receive the video stream from vcam into the PC and saving it as a video f... Read More »