How can I hook up my guitar to my computer for recording purposes?

Answer There are many ways to do it. If you want the cheapest way, you need a sound card that have a line input, and just get a regular cable that has a 1/8" plug on one side that goes to the sound card, ... Read More »

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So what exactly is an I-Pod ( I know its for recording music) and how/where does it hook up to one's computer?

An iPod is an MP3 Player. A device that allows the user to listen to music. Such as a walkman or CD player... But digitally. Kind of like a film camera is to a digital camera. You need iTunes to pu... Read More »

How to Plug Your Guitar Amplifier to Your Computer for Recording?

There are basically two ways two connect an electric guitar to a computer, either using an amplifier and a microphone or through direct input (DI). The first method is presented here.

Tips on Recording the Bass Guitar?

When recording the bass guitar, it is important to decide what kind of bass tone you would like to achieve before beginning. Once this has been determined, it is necessary to understand the differe... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Sound in Guitar Recording in FL Studio?

Fruity Loops Studio became a full-fledged professional recording suite with the release of its tenth version in 2011. You can now record and edit live audio tracks with professional plug-ins, just ... Read More »