How can I hide my pads?

Answer You know the tote bag you used last year? Use that as a purse, it would also be useful for carrying around your school books or pencils or w/e.Then take it to the bathroom with you. Also, if you're... Read More »

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How do I hide my pads ?

wear a jacket to school and put one in your jacket.wear sweat pants when on period so your comfy and just put them in your pocket.wear a sports bra and put them in there.take your shoe off and lay ... Read More »

How to Quickly Hide All Windows with Second Hide?

There are times you are doing your "important" and private things, and your boss comes from behind. What would you do in such a situation? This article will show you how to quickly hide windows, an... Read More »

"Smooth Away Pads". Has anyone tried these pads Are they worth buying?

I have to tell you that i saw this commercial this morning and I was intrigued. I decided against purchasing it because, like most As Seen On TV items, they're crap! BUT- I went with my daughter t... Read More »

Do detox foot pads (Kinoki pads) really work?

Nope, its a scam. Wet it and the tea hidden in the pad turns brown. Sweat from feet, trapped by adhesive, does that.