How can I hide my cuts?

Answer aww honey, why do you need to cut in the first place? I suggest talking to someone about it all, a councellor (at the doctors or at school) and try relaxation and/or distractions. As to the marks, ... Read More »

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How do I hide cuts?

well i certainly don't condone cutting but it's not my place to withhold the answer to your question because i've made a judgement about you as a person i just hope that you won't use the informati... Read More »

How to hide cuts on my leg?

Wear maxi skirts/ dresses. Rose hip oil will help reduce scars once the wounds have healed. please speak to somebody about this. get yourself sorted x

How Can I Hide Cuts on my arm?

You could try concelear, if not fake tan?foundation?or even bronzeror just leave it and if your mum does ask, just tell her the truth.if not.Say you was scratching your arms, because your skin was ... Read More »

How to hide cuts on my legs?

Sweetie , sorry to hear that you do this stuff, but I think you need to wear pants maybe? until they heal .. and while thats happening, see someone about your self harming issues