How can I hide my "Wall-to-Wall" on facebook?

Answer If you want to hide your wall to wall posts on facebook you click account on the top right corner. a drop down menu should appear and you click on privacy settings. at the bottom it says customize ... Read More »

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How can I hide my wall from certain Facebook friends?

There is a privacy setting for that. Here's how to do it:1) when you log into facebook go to the blue menu bar on top of the page2) move your mouse over "settings" 3) click on "privacy settings"4) ... Read More »

How to Hide Wall Posts from Others on Facebook?

Do you have something you would like to post on Facebook, but if you've added some colleagues or your boss on Facebook and do not want them to see? Like, you skipped a part of your assignment (I am... Read More »

Can you hide what friends post on your wall in facebook ?

no, you cant control that, you can only delete the post

How to hide my Facebook wall completely from the public?

UGH i am having that EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!! and the other answers are talking about the old facebook!!! I'm still trying to figure it out. if i do i will come back and edit my answer and tell you wh... Read More »